Our treatments make use of various techniques and have profound effects on muscle and soft connective tissues (myofascia), thereby improving general well-being and range of movement.

The team at Proprius Therapies will fully assess your injury or mechanical pain problems and evaluate postural muscle imbalances and mechanical misalignment. In addition, a medical history will be taken, including any medications and available X-ray or MRI results consulted. A consultation will take place in which a treatment plan will be proposed and your full agreement obtained, while ensuring that you also have the opportunity to ask any questions or have a discussion with your GP before proceeding. During treatments, we will use a variety of techniques that are appropriate to your needs.

Finally, to complement the treatment, we can advise you on appropriate exercise and stretches. Restoring health to muscle and tissues by realigning muscle structure, allows for an improved range of movement.

Listed below are the full range of treatments we offer. Please get in touch with us if you would like to arrange a consultation or discuss your injury with a member of our team.

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      “As a regular, serious club golfer, I have found Proprius massage therapy especially beneficial, particularly as exercises, designed for my individual needs are recommended to do at home.”


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