I cannot recommend this place highly enough. I just wish we had found it sooner. I have seen Kim Snelling on several occasions for treatments and also for pilates. I cannot thank her enough for how much she has and is still helping me when it seemed like I was running out of options. Kim is a very professional therapist with a real passion for wanting to help people and to give them the skills to improve their health. The beautiful surroundings are an added bonus to such a gem of a place too!xx


The skill and attention to detail of the Proprius massage Therapist and the Shape-Up Pilates practitioners was second to none. A year ago I couldn’t ride my bicycle without a lot of pain. Thanks to a combination of the Massage Therapy and regular Pilates classes, I’ve been back on the bike pain free for 6 months – oh, and I just cycled 500 miles over 6 days with no ill effects!


The Proprius remedial massage therapy sessions have made a major contribution to my improved mobility. They analysed my postural and muscle imbalances and were then able to treat them effectively. This combined with their carefully targeted prescriptive exercises helped to relieve the problems. I now attend their regular Shape-Up classes and this has help me develop not only strength but an understanding of my mechanical weaknesses, so I am able to help myself stay stronger.


I came to Proprius Therapies through a friend’s recommendation and at that time I suffered acute neck and shoulder pain and chronic mid and lower back pain. Other treatments, including massages treatments I had received elsewhere, barely kept a lid on the situation. Suffice it to say that the massages I have received at Proprius have been startlingly effective, always leaving me pain-free and vastly more mobile. I simply feel fixed and for me, that’s magic


Several months ago I was in terrible pain. Months of bad posture and hard rowing had taken its toll. Kim at Proprius Therapies assessed me fully and then explained that she believed the pain to be due to mechanical related issues, as my shoulders and hips were uneven. Basically, I had developed a twist in my spine. My back was giving me excruciating, awful pain. An hour of deep massage followed and I cannot describe the elation I felt afterwards, as my back became free of pain for the first time in 4 months. I was overjoyed, it was incredible! I was given some specific remedial exercises to do at home to help put my hips level and in turn my shoulders became even. It really has been amazing.


Following a serious lower back injury last year, with 3 months in a brace and having been given some stretching exercises to do, the cause of my continued pain issues had never been identified. Within minutes of meeting Kim and following an assessment and treatment, she was able to tell me exactly what was the cause, as well as what could be done to resolve the issues. Having established what was the cause, we embarked upon a structured program of Pilates under expert supervision.  I have now been attending weekly classes for about 4 months and have an almost full range of movement, no pain and most importantly a greater awareness of my symptoms.


I have found Proprius massage therapy specifically beneficial, especially as exercises are recommended to do at home and designed for my individual needs. Personally I try to lead an active life, being a regular, serious, club golfer and I am convinced that without the daily exercises recommended, I would not be able to enjoy what I do.


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